Maygem offers a wide range of outsourcing and outstaffing services for the games industry.

Social Games

  • Top-5 social game development company in the CIS needed a team to offload game producton tasks to
  • Maygem has assembled and is currently operating a development & content production team that is working as part of the customer's team

Browser MMO

  • A large media company in Russia wanted an online browser game developed for a popular brand
  • Maygem assembled a development team, supplied it with an MMO technology and led it until Beta release

Software Engineering Solutions

  • A start-up social game publisher needed a cross-network API for seamlessly deploying social games to a variety of social networks
  • We developed the entire solution that allowed the customer to:
    • Reduce integration costs for its games
    • Collect and report on the KPIs relevant to the game performance on different social networks
    • Deploy games to 14 social networks

Social Networking

  • A US-based internation social network needed API developed for running social games & applications in its container and was looking for developers to supplement its on-site team
  • Maygem assembled the team and successfully delivered our subset of the API being developed